5 easy tips on creating a vision board for 2024

Basic tips on how to create a vision board for the new year.

Vision boards are a great tool to help set goals for yourself at the beginning of the new year.

The vision boards can include words of affirmation, photos of inspiration, collages, stickers, and more.

Here is a guide on how to create a vision board for 2024:

Plan your goals

Think about some of the goals you want to accomplish in the new year and with your vision board.

What are some of your inspirations for this year? Are you interested in traveling? Gaining new followers on your social media accounts? Starting a new gym journey?

Those are just a few questions and ideas to ask yourself and think about when creating the board.

Set intentions

Setting intentions with a vision board means knowing your “why” behind creating one.

Paper or digital

Photo of a digital mood board on Pinterest.

Next, decide if you are creating one using photos, old magazines, or going digital.

You can create a vision board however you want, but I typically like mine with just a white poster board and use cutouts from magazines and photos.

Gather supplies

Collage of old magazines used for vision boards.

If you decide to go digital, all you need is your phone, possibly a tablet, iPad, or laptop. You need a device to create a collage or a mood board.

I did create a 2024 mood board using the Pinterest app. You can use Canva, Adobe Express, and Shuffles by Pinterest to create a mood or vision board. Images are available on all apps to download, or you can add photos of your choice.

Now, if going the paper route, here are a few materials you will need:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pictures
  • Magazines
  • Stickers

You can decorate a vision board however you want.

Listen to smooth tunes

While I created my vision board this year, I listened to music. Not any kind of music, typically soft music to help keep me going.

You do not have to listen to music while creating your board, but it can be an option.

Do not forget to hang the vision board

Once I am done with my vision board, I typically hang it up on my wall in my room. Hanging it up is optional, but I like to remind myself of my goals and vision for the new year!

If you decide to make a digital one, you can make the vision board your home or lock screen on your device.

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