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Tips on how to not dress so basic in 2023

Basic fashion guide on how accessories and layering plays a part in outfits.

It’s 2023, there is no need for you to be still wearing basic fashion in such a boring way.

This is not a shot at the girlies or guys who enjoy basic or causal looks. Everyone can’t or doesn’t have to pull off a look.

It’s more to tackle the idea that basic fashion can only be boring. It doesn’t have to be.

Here is a guide on how to spice up your basic fashion:

1. Accessorize

I can’t stress enough that accessories are the key to fashion. LITERALLY.

Accessories can take a “2” outfit to a “10” in seconds.

I typically like to wear accessories that play off the outfit. If I am wearing something preppy, I’ll wear some gold jewelry or some knee socks.

Choose accessories that connect to you, whether it’s jewelry, ties, berets or belts. Just make sure to layer them and have fun!

Where to find cute accessories:

2. Wear bold colors

Colors play a big factor in fashion. Actually in life as well.

Colors have a way of speaking to one’s emotion, blues tend to carry royalty like their counterpart purple but also have a tendency to create a melancholy tone as well.

Pinks are fun, reds are more serious.

The colors you wear can possibly create a mood or persona about you as well. If you’re always wearing black some can say you’re moody, if you’re always wearing loud yellows and bright pinks some may say you’re bright and always cheerful.

Wear colors that speak to you and wear colors that are also bold. Bold colors create a statement like no other, they stand out and they can hold powers

A blank black T-shirt doesn’t have the same effect as a blank pink T-shirt. While both are considered “basic” T-shirts they create two different moods, the pink t-shirt paired right can take that basic T-shirt jean look to another level than the black T-shirt, jean combo.

3. Change your appearance

Your hairstyle and makeup are a part of fashion. Different outfits have different hairstyles that work, for example, off-shoulder tops look good with ponytails and updos. Once you start wearing different hairstyles with different outfits, you will start to see what works with what. For me, I like passion twists and berets, but I don’t like my big afro and berets.

Different makeup looks can do the trick as well. I am not a heavy make-up wearer but sometimes I would wear makeup for more glam looks. Typically I aim for a bare face, natural look when I am shooting content for my social media pages.

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4. Wear statement pieces

Statement pieces are the key, I truly enjoy wearing pieces that are bold, flashy, or just unique. I typically buy statement pieces from thrift shops or I tend to splurge on them. Funky shoes and handbags are some items that I typically try to buy in bold colors or different shapes.

Examples of items that can be statement pieces:

  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Jewelry
  • Hair
  • Makeup
  • Tattoos
  • Handbags
  • Ties
  • Piercing
  • Shoes
  • Jackets

These are a just few but the key is to not only buy these items but to make sure they are funky. Accessories play a big part in navigating statement pieces into your wardrobe.

5. Layer your clothing

Layering outfit example by Chandra Alilijah

Layering is not easy, I am still trying to get the hang of it but layering is the technique of adding and adding clothing until you come to a complete look you’re comfortable with. I truly believe once you begin to layer your clothing, you unlock this new fashion gem!

For example, say you’re wearing a graphic tee and a pair of jeans, one thing you can do is put a turtleneck or long-sleeve top underneath the graphic tee that’s a completely different color or print. Then you can tuck the shirt that’s underneath and the graphic tee inside of your jeans. Last but not least to complete this look, I would add a cool jacket on top that’s cropped or such to give the outfit a little dimension.

Add some bulky jewelry, a tie, or a scarf to finish the look off, don’t forget your funky shoes though!

Another thing with layering is it’s okay to put two things that don’t make sense together as long as it looks cool and you’re happy.

6. Change the shoes

Shoes can definitely make a basic outfit if the shoes are busted or just don’t go. Wearing black shoes with everything, sometimes makes the outfits look bland as well. Get experimental!

Shoes can be a statement piece, they can be bold, and unique and can really make or break an outfit as well.

Where to find cute shoes:

7. Take chances

Fashion is all about taking chances, it’s up to you if you want your basic fashion looks to evolve or not.

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