Tips on how to easily begin to spring clean

Tips on how to start your spring cleaning process.

I am not no expert on spring cleaning but I do know the starting part can be hard.

Spring cleaning for me looks like going through my closet and picking items that I no longer have worn or items I haven’t used in the past two or three years.

I typically spend a whole weekend attempting to spring clean because I have a tendency to get distracted.

My key to spring cleaning is creating boxes that are for donations. Make sure to check out my donation guide on where to donate in Michigan.

Here is my guide on how to begin to spring clean:

Get boxes

These boxes are going to be used to create donation boxes to go to different thrift stores.

Find a place to donate

Finding a donation location doesn’t have to hard, there are multiple in the metro Detroit area.

I typically search for locations near my house or at-least within 10 miles.

When searching for a place to donate your gently used clothing or furniture, make sure to pay attention to their requirements.

Some donation centers may not want household items they may want only clothes. Other locations may want furniture but accept household items too.

Before you go to just any location, call before to make sure you have what they are seeking in donations.

Pick a room

Now it’s time to get into the spring cleaning. Start with one room to narrow down the work.

Start in one corner

Once you find the room you’re going to start in, find a corner in that room.

It could be a corner filled with clothes, books or shoes. Start in one corner so that you burn yourself out easily.

Get picky

Start deciding what’s going to stay and what’s not. If you have 30 books and have read 14 of them, maybe it’s time to get rid of the other 16.

One rule I try to follow is if I haven’t used an item in two or three years than maybe I should donate it.

It’s easier to get rid of stuff when you find a system that’s reasonable and makes sense.

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Don’t be shy, just throw stuff out

Having the courage to actually get rid of things can be tough. Especially when you’re one of those people who enjoy having a lot of things.

It’s time to throw those old papers out if you haven’t used them in years. It’s time to donate that T-shirt from high school you only worn once.

You have to learn that it’s okay to get rid of stuff because you can make room for new things.

Plus it’s nothing wrong with decluttering.

Make sure to actually clean

Use those cleaning soaps and sprays to actually get rid of dust and other dirt that may be hiding on dressers, doors, shelves or more.

Make sure to actually clean your rooms or house using cleaners because it’s good to freshen up the home from time to time.

It can help keep the bugs out as well.

Take items to donating center

Once you have gathered the gently used clothes, furniture or other household items you can drop them off at a local donation center.

Make sure to check out my guide on a few metro Detroit donation centers.

Tips on how to make spring cleaning more exciting

  • Listen to music, then turn on your favorite cleaning playlist.
  • Have someone else help.
  • Turn on a Netflix show or movie in the background, just don’t get distracted by it.
  • Have a plan, so you don’t overwork or underwork yourself.
  • Have a mission to actually fill up a box to donate items.
  • Set up and incentive for you to have after you’re done cleaning. Maybe say you’re going to treat yourself to some ice cream, dinner or a shopping trip.

Where to buy cleaning supplies

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Dollar Tree
  • Kroger
  • Meijer

All of these stores sell cleaning supplies like soap, sponges, washcloths and bacteria killing sprays.

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