10 Black music artists you need to know in 2023

Here are 10 artist you need to know in 2023.

It’s 2023 and you are seeking a new playlist. One that’s full of groovy songs and hard trap Black artists.

Not going to lie this list is probably artists who I think are completely underrated…. Black artists in the alternative RnB category typically don’t get a lot of spotlight but some of thee artists deserve the spotlight.

From women rap artists to house music, here is your guide on 10 artists you need to know in 2023:

1. Taliwhoah

I first listened to Taliwhoah’s Detail single back in 2017.

I was intrigued by the artist and their sound and have been hooked ever since! This is one artist, I want to blow up like MAJOR. They’re super talented and make good-sounding music that’s also versatile.

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2. Lola Brooke

She is hard-core New York to me. I really enjoy Lola Brooke because she’s so tiny but that voice is SO BIG.

It’s another intriguing sound that you just can’t ignore. It’s hardcore and it’s so Brooklyn. She’s already blowing up and I can’t wait to hear more of her music.

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3. Kaytranada

My living icon… man oh man. I love me some Kaytranada, his concert was a dream.

He’s literally a talented piece of art. I want Kaytranada to do the remixes for Beyoncé’s album. It would be great.

Now playing: VIVID DREAMS

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4. Masego

This is my musical husband. That sounds crazy… but I love Masego his music is *chef’s kiss* it’s going to hit every single time.

Silk…..2018, on Lady Lady is music to the ears. It’s the prettiest sound you ever wanna hear it’s a dream in yourself.

This song makes you wanna just dance around Central Park or somewhere beautiful with no thoughts. It goes so fast though, it’s less than two minutes long. Once it’s gone you have to replay it, to feel it again.

It’s just a warm sound of music, but it’s also emotional. It has passion, love, and everything else. Masego really blessed us with this one.

Then it smoothly transitions into I Need a Vision, a more upbeat less subdued song.

Masego is coming to Detroit March 25 at the Royal Oak Music Theater.

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5. Syd

I love them. Their voice is very soft and it’s intriguing.

Now Playing: Getting Late

6. Monaleo

Monaleo is one of the new rap girlies that are not holding back. She’s a Hello Kitty, pink-loving girly girl but once you hear from

Now Playing: Suck it Up or Body Bag

7. Nao

Bad Blood is my jam, it’s been my jam for a minute now.

Now Playing: Bad Blood

8. Ambré

I love love love this song. It’s the perfect late night drive tune.

Now Playing: Drake and Drive

9. Kelela

Kelela never disappoint when it comes to the alternative RnB sound.

Now Playing: All the Way Down

10. Doechii

Doechii style is versatile sometimes she gives you think Black rock vibe with her tunes like “Crazy” then she gives you more chilling, music with songs like “Persuasive”.

Now Playing: Persuasive

Check out my playlist featuring these artists and a few of their songs!


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