Fall fashion trends and tips for 2022

Stop dressing tacky all fall 2022, let’s make that a hashtag.

*Dances to Beyoncé’s “America Has A Problem” on full blast as I search fall fashion trends.

Sigh, it’s the year of Beyoncé’s comeback season and you still wearing those ugly 2015 fashion trends. Give it a break, sis.

Today let’s talk trends, gimmicks, and other TikTok fashion advice.

What the TikTok girlies are wearing

Academia is back…

Blue vest with white trim on collar at clothing store H&M.
Vests are going to be popular again this year especially paired with skater skirts.

Well she really never left. Vests, letterman jackets were all slowly coming back into style. This year they will be pairing vest over everything… again. I will be one of those girlies.

Bold tights is something I want to see. Very bold reds, dark greens with plaid skirts. Blazers are going to be popular too, the boxy look is coming into spectrum. Bold shoulder padding that make the average woman look like a linebacker is coming back into fashion as well. Not saying I oppose or disagree, I just think… hmmph, it’s very 90s.

Super mini skirts

Brown mini skirt at clothing store H&M.
Mini skirts in H&M are going to be a hot commodity this season.

Skirts you can’t bend over at all in is coming back into action, they hug your thighs just right before your undies show.

Yeah, super mini is in with tiny tops or sweaters.

Ugly moo moo skirts

For once can we stop going tacky. Fashion is at an awkward point right now, people think pairing the two most random pieces together is fashion. They don’t understand that yeah that may be fashion for now but you’re just following trends. It’s not really stylish it’s just following what others are doing. Style to me is being to incorporate different eras, colors, pieces together and creating a “look”. Not putting things together that don’t make any sense at all together.

Moo moo skirts with tiny tops got to go.

Not the Miu Miu micro mini skirts but I would hope you all know what I am talking about. I am talking about the long church aunty skirts that all the girls are wearing on TikTok. Don’t get me wrong some of the skirts are cute BUT I just don’t think the tacky shirt goes with it nor does the dirty tote bag trend.

Everyone is obessed with Diesel

That Diesel shoulder bag with the big “D” in nappa leather is a up and coming fashion girly dream accessory right now. It’s not over $500 and it has a futuristic but also stylish look to it. It’s everywhere just like the Balenciaga Le Cagole shoulder bag was a hot commodity this spring.

Oversized sweaters with bold prints or designs

Navy blue hoodie and green varsity jacket at H&M clothing store.
Layers are going to be a big deal this fall with hoodies and varsity jackets.

This is a trend, I may dabble in but H&M is definitely big on that right now. I could see this being paired with mini skirts or mom jeans.

Denim on denim

Many people are falling in love with Diesel .. literally. More denim and denim looks are being created and inspiring the masses. I see a lot of jean jacket and denim mini skirt looks.

What I personally think should be staples this fall

Colorful tights

Not sure if many are familiar with Fran Drescher but her character on “The Nanny” was a fashion icon. She’s like Cher from “Clueless” before Cher was Cher. I can totally see some similarities in their outfits. Drescher is more of the adult version, she wore blazers, mini skirts, dresses and always had on colorful bold tights.

This paired with mini skirts, and turtle necks with chain belts is *chef’s kiss*. Especially with bushy curls and maybe even add some booties , I am obessed with it.


We need more brands making cropped motor jackets, they’re so chic right now to me. They go perfectly with the mini skirt and bold tights combo. I could see motor jackets being paired with wide-leg jeans as well for an oversized look or a cropped motor jacket that allows the pants to do the talking.

Telfar Bags

This season we need more and more Telfar bags but with better outfits, let’s keep the monochromatic looks but make it more earth tones. Let’s let the loud colors rest this fall a bit, let’s rock these following colors from Telfar’s Shopping Bag line.

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Cream
  • Drab
  • Leaf
  • Sage
  • Oxblood
  • Mustard

Make sure to subscribe to Telfar’s email subscription list for updates on drops.

Cardigans are so cute

More cropped cardigans paired with skater plaid skirts. It’s so typical Pinterest fashion. I really want to express though that the kind H&M is selling at the moment is to die for. That’s all.

Wide-leg pants, trousers

Wide-leg pants with booties or those skinny heels. I also dig wide-leg jeans with little prints and those cropped cardigans or tops with fur around the collar.

What am I wearing?

I am coming mini skirts always with knee boots.

Sweaters are going to be a staple for me along with colorful tights.

I am going to be rocking more chain belts and berets as my accessories. As far as colors, I am probably going to wear more bold shades of deep reds, greens or pastels.

Best places to find fall fashion

Storefront image of H&M clothing store.
H&M prices are quite reasonable for your average pair of jeans and top.
  1. H&M if you are seeking a more trendy fashion look.
  2. Public Desire for all your knee boots.
  3. Zara has all your blazer looks for the true academia look.
  4. Asos for accessories and possibly a motor jacket.
  5. Thrift stores for cheap and you get to be sustainable.

How to style for the fall

Mix tight fitting clothing with baggy items, like mix and match. Oversized pants with a fitted top is perfect. Then pair it with a heel or bootie. A cute cap or a bucket hat can make the outfit pop even more.

Bold colors are going to be key, like want to see more leaf greens and deep reds, not burgundy.

Mini skirts are going to look best with layering, especially turtlenecks with sweaters or by themselves with a T-shirt on top.

Knee boots and mini skirts are key, paired with tights they are even more fire.

Green clothing store items in H&M.
Mini skirts are being paired with long sleeves and crewnecks this fall.

Remember that layering is key to the fall fashion game. Playing around with colors that match your bag or accessories is going to make certain outfits pop as well.

If you are seeking more tips on what to do this fall, check out my fall guide.

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