Cool activities for fall 2022

With fall right around the corner and pumpkin lattes being announced now, here is a guide on what to do this fall for 2022.

The leaves are falling, temperatures are dropping. Fall is arriving but that also means fuzzy socks, pumpkin themed drinks and activities come along as well.

I love fall because it’s made for good times. I can finally complete my DIY projects without having to worry about the heat killing me and making me oh so fatigue. Or I can cozy up in my favorite throw blanket and watch movies all day and not feel bad for not going outside. Fall can be a very special time especially when you make it fun.

For fall 2022, let’s have a good time.

Go to the apple orchard

purple outfit outside at apple orchard
Chandra Alilijah visiting the apple orchard in fall 2021.

Cliche? Maybe so, but it’s a fall staple. If you live in a state like Michigan, then you already know that the apple orchard is a MUST. Those yummy donuts or sweet cider will sure turn that frown into a smile.

Apple orchards are perfect trips to really get your harvest on and enjoy those sweet fall treats. Don’t forget to get your pumpkin!

Plan movie nights

Spooky season aka one of THE best seasons. If you’re into horror movies, grab that warm cozy blanket. A bowl of popcorn and head straight to Netflix.

Visit haunted houses

I haven’t been to a haunted house since I was in high school… sadly.

Michigan has a lot of haunted houses that can definitely bring the scare on.

Here is a couple you can check out

1. Azra Haunted House Chamber of Horrors – Madison Heights, Mi

2. Hush Haunted Attraction – Westland, Mi

3. Erebus Haunted Attraction – Pontiac, Mi

4. The Scream Machine – Taylor, Mi

5. Deranged Haunt – Romulus, Mi

Plan a fall shopping trip

Colorful clothing rack
Colorful clothing pieces from the Value World thrift store in Oak Park, Mi.

Shopping is one of my favorite hobbies and shopping for the fall is always a must. I typically shop in the fall for clothes (of course) , Halloween decor , fall themed snacks and smells. The smell of vanilla bean, pumpkin spice and whatever other fall themed smells I find definitely help me bring in the new season.

Host a game night

Game nights can be great bonding exercises for you and your friends. Or even your family members who want to get into a battle of Uno.

Host a game night and tell all your friends to bring one game or dish. It can be a great time to socialize and gives you something to do when you are in the house.

Bake some goodies

chocolates cookies on a white plate
Chocolate chip cookies baked freshly from @623detroitshop

Baking is one of my favorite hobbies! I love cupcakes and definitely fall themed cookies. In the summer it’s sometimes too hot to turn on the oven. So when the fall hits, it definitely makes me jump to joy when I can finally comfortably bake some cookies without burning up!


Fall traveling from a cold state to a warm state is a perfect plan! Especially if you’re tired of the cold breeze. You can plan a weekend trip with friends or partner to somewhere close by!

I live close to Chicago, so a weekend trip in October sounds perfect to me. It may be a tad colder than Michigan because of the wind but I think it totally may be a easy access trip that’s not too far but also something new to experience!

Go to Halloweekends at Cedar Point

I personally have never been but it’s definitively on my bucket list to attend!

Ticket holders can have a frightful time going through dark forests, haunted houses, haunted shows and many other family fun options.

Tickets start at $54.99 for regulars and $49.99 for juniors and seniors.

Dates: Sept. 25 – Oct. 31.

Try a new restaurant

Mexican chicken tacos with a side of rice. Locos Tex Amex Grille in Detroit.
Chicken tacos with a side of Mexican rice from Locos Tex Mex Grille

Fall is one of THE perfect times to find or try a new dine in spot. Grab your closet friends or family and head to a diner in your city. It truly can be one of the best experiences and times you have. Plus who doesn’t like good food and a dine in experience when it’s cold!

Restaurants to try

1. Good Times – Detroit, Mi

2. D’bo’s Daiquiris, Wings & Seafood- Southfield, Mi

3. Loco’s Tex- Mex Grille – Detroit, Mi

4. The Hudson Café – Detroit, Mi

5. One-Eyed Betty’s – Ferndale , Mi

My biggest advice for anyone trying to figure out how they’re going to spend their fall is to really create a list of places, or activities you want to do.

If you are interested in travel this fall, check out my recent travel guide featuring Chicago.

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