How to Saturday shop like a pro

Saturday has been the designated day for my mom, grandma and I to go shopping. It will always be the tradition and I probably will carry it on to my children. 

Saturday shopping trips consist of going grocery shopping, mixed with a little mall shopping then grab some grub. 

You’re supposed to go to the clothing stores first to avoid the possibility of allowing your groceries to spoil. Sometimes though my mom would go to Walmart first then hit Marshals later. 

Here is a list of tips on how to have successful Saturday shopping trips.

Plan the night before 

What makes these trips special but also like an adventure is planning ahead just a tad. On Friday decide what time you’re heading out. Early is best because of less people, traffic and the possibility of getting tired faster. 

With Saturday shopping everyone has the same idea as you. Everyone is trying to have that outing and sometimes that means you will be in a crowded store, bumping carts. 

The best time to wake up on a Saturday for your shopping trip is around 8 a.m. gives everyone an hour to get ready. Be ready to walk out the house around 9 a.m. with the goal in mind that 9:30 a.m. is pushing it. 

Make sure to also create a list of things you need.

Look for deals, download store apps like Target Circle, Walmart or even Fetch. Target Circle constantly has deals going on that can take off $10 on $50 purchases or just sales through the app. In a lot of my Walmarts their price scanners are not available for usage but you can set up the store location through their app and check prices that way.

Fetch is a great tool to use as well because it allows shoppers to scan receipts and earn points that can be turned into rewards. Use my refer a friend code “AMBDW” for me to receive 2,000 points and yourself as well. Once you receive 3,000 points, you are able to check out gift cards from Amazon and Target.

Ditch the leggings wear trousers 

Okay so yes this isn’t a grand event but shopping always leads up to a appetite. Which means you’re either going to dine in somewhere or just stop for fast food. 

The moments I remember the most were just of my mom, grandma and I stopping at Arby’s (yes we supported Arby’s) or Long John Silvers and dining in. 

It wasn’t a grand place or the best food but it was part of the outing and definitely made it all come together.

Leave the drama at home 

Aka leave the person that will cause the most problems at home. We have no time for someone complaining, or saying they’re getting tired. 

Who you bring with you matters because they can easily spoil the trip. The less people the better, more people mean more opinions and unnecessary comments. 

One thing that I hate the most is going shopping with someone and they make a comment about everything I buy. 

Do not be that kind of person. 

Shop the larger stores first 

Walmart, Target, Meijers, Krogers and the list goes on.

I would say department stores like Sears or Macy’s but to my knowledge those kind of stores are not as popular as they was before. Almost every single Sears is closed. 

Going to the bigger stores first allows you get in and get out before the large crowds follow. That’s why we’re leaving at 9 so we can go to Walmart before the crowds do. 

Don’t make unnecessary stops 

Be mindful about where you stop. If you have to get gas, sure. But don’t stop at family or friends houses in between the shopping. That’s not the goal of this trip, you’re getting distracted. 

Never ever put shopping bags in your backseat 

Big rookie mistake, no matter where you stay or the area you shop around, leaving bags in the backseat is a big no no. 

You’re making yourself a target and that’s not the goal at all. 

This tip is especially big around holiday times. People are looking for opportunities to commit crimes. Don’t be a victim to theft. 

Be mindful

Never ever check your bank account while shopping. 

Always check your bank account for a summary BEFORE you head out. Never ever check while you are shopping. Reason being that gives you the opportunity to see you may have more in your account than you think. It’s going to make you shop longer. 

Plus you never know who is watching behind your shoulders. The goal is to have fun not be a target.


Always set a budget despite you never ever using it. Say, “today I am only going to spend $250-300”. The issue is though that’s a lump sum of money if you plan to shop EVERY Saturday. 

The skill to this Saturday shopping trip is shop smart not loosely. Make good decisions, or split the shopping up. 

Don’t grocery shop every Saturday, go every other Saturday for grocery shopping. Apparel shop on the other Saturday’s. 

It’s okay to skip weeks too, if you have absolutely nothing to buy.

Know when it’s time to wrap up and go home  

The shopping fatigue normally kicks in and it’s time to wrap this party up. When you start getting hungry or irritable that’s a clear sign that it’s time to go home.

Until next time

Hopefully these tips were useful and you will incorporate them into your next trip. Remember to have fun and not to fret!

To learn some more shopping tips, check out my thrift shop guide.

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