5 tips on how to enjoy the spring season in 2024

Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy it.

Spring is here, which means warm weather is approaching.

Warmer weather means more outdoor activities, cute fashion options and baseball season. Spring is the perfect season to get back into the habit of going outside and having fun.

Here are five tips on how to enjoy the spring season in 2024:

Go outside

Spend some time in nature at a local park or just by going for a walk. Since it’s spring, it’s a perfect idea to get outside and soak up the sun while enjoying the cool breeze before the hot summer air approaches.

Buy a new spring wardrobe

Take the time to buy new spring clothes to complement spring concerts, outings and gatherings. It’s nothing like treating yourself, and spring is the perfect season to do so.

Plan activities

Think of spring activities to attend or engage in – concerts, bar crawls, and picnics are a few choices. Spring is the perfect season to get back in the groove of going out and attending events.

You can also host a spring equinox party where you decorate in Spring flair and florals. It can be a garden-themed party or tea party. It’s an excuse to dress up with your friends and throw a gathering to welcome in spring.

Spring clean

If you are a homebody and want to enjoy your time at home, start to declutter your space.

Here is my latest blog post on decluttering your home for spring.

Go to baseball games

While football season is over, baseball season is returning. Attend a sporting event by checking out when your local baseball team plays.

The Detroit Tigers are set to host their opening day game April 8 against the Oakland Athletics… at Comerica Park.

If you plan to attend the Detroit Tigers Opening Day, check out my latest blog post on a few celebrations in Detroit.

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