5 binge worthy shows to watch on Netflix in 2024

Grab your favorite snacks for these stunning series on Netflix.

A mixture of old and new shows on Netflix to catch up on.

The winter is the perfect time to snuggle up with a blanket and watch some Netflix.

Here is a guide on five shows to watch on Netflix in 2024:

Fake Profile

Follows the story of a young woman falling in love with a man she meets on a dating app.

A show full of family secrets, lies and betrayal.

Pact of Silence

A young woman wants to find out who her birth mother is after she was abandoned for years.

A set of women do everything in their power to stop her from finding out the truth.


Follows a brother and sister both shooting for stardom.

From betrayal to dirty industry games, Champion keeps you watching and wanting more.

High Tides

Summer vacation filled with sex, fun, drugs and lust plus of course drama.

High Tides follows the story of a group of teens struggling with different problems while also trying to make the best of their situations.

The Marked Heart

This two-part series follows the story of a father grieving the loss of his wife due to organ trafficking.

Emotions flair and dirty secrets of the dark web spread in this gut-wrenching series.

Honorable mention

An additional show to check out:

Red Rose

A dangerous app controls the life of a few boarding school students until one student beats the app at its own game.

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