Styling Preppy Fashion

10 tips on how to dress preppy in 2023

Tips on how to create a preppy aesthetic.

Tips on how to improve your preppy fashion aesthetic.

The preppy style is studious, it’s the looks you see at country clubs, tennis courts, and private schools.

Nowadays you can wear whatever you want when you want so if you want to get into preppy fashion, here are some tips on how to improve your preppy fashion game.

What you need for a preppy fashion look:

1. Solid colors

Preppy fashion look from Chandra Alilijah

Every now and then you will see some plaid patterns incorporated into preppy fashion looks, but the majority of the time the fashion is in solid colors. To be more specific, the fashion is normally in neutral tones, creams, and browns, not bright colors like pink or yellow but very neutral colors. You can wear those shades but I would go for the pastel hues of pinks and yellows.

Wearing solid colors help keep the look very clean and minimalist.

2. Collared shirts

Collared shirts play a major look in a preppy fashion look. They can be paired with ties, vests, blazers and that’s just a few of the items you can wear a collared shirt with.

3. Trousers

Trousers are pants that are often more studious than jeans, they are typically dress pants. The pants can be worn with sweaters and collared shirts. You can find them in a variety of colors as well at places like H&M or Macy’s.

4. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are the perfect look for a preppy look rather you wear them with skirts or trousers.

Nowadays turtlenecks come as crop tops, bodysuits and even sleeveless tops. They are one of the best looks for a preppy aesthetic.

5. Crewneck sweaters

Many preppy looks include a crewneck that is made of cotton or knit material. The cotton crewnecks are worn in more chill outfits like to the gym or out to run errands. While knitted crewnecks are more so worn to work or to somewhere that’s classy like a fancy diner or to a play.

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6. Wear loafers

Loafers are like the go-to shoe if you’re trying to dress preppy. They’re classic and their distinctive shape just goes perfectly with many looks.

I typically wear loafers with mini skirts, paired with knee socks or legwarmers.

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7. Pleated skirts

If you have watched any early 2000 coming-to-age movie, the preppy girls aka Cher from “Clueless” always wore a pleated skirt.

Pleated skirts are often worn as a school uniform piece, but the concept of pleating dates back years ago. Actually centuries ago…

According to the fashion blog Threadstories, pleating dates back to ancient Egyptian times and was often seen as a high-class symbol because of how they were constructed.

The post went on to say that while pleats were created by hand back then nowadays there is a machine that creates the pleats. Still, though, many luxurious or couture gowns that feature pleats are actually created by hand and that’s why those items have a higher price point.

Tying in the history and how pleated skirts are worn today, lets you know how this item is a preppy statement piece. It’s symbolic in its own way.

8. Berets

Berets’ history actually carries a variety of historical significance in why the French wore them.

At some points berets were considered a sign of poverty, then they grew to be a military statement and now in today’s society, they are a fashion statement.

Berets to me in fashion now create a symbol of professionalism and a studious attitude.

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9. Hairstyle matters

I wore my Afro with a preppy look because my Afro is professional to me and went with my outfit.

Wear what makes you comfortable but if you really want to go with a good preppy look or style, wear an updo or braids.

10. Additional items

Accessories must match the preppy aesthetic, wear solid-colored necklaces or earrings. Things like hoops and studs would be ideal because they’re simple and not overwhelming.

Here are a few other accessories you should consider in a preppy fashion look:

  • Solid-colored tights
  • Solid-colored leg-warmers
  • Solid-colored headbands
  • Solid-colored knee socks
  • Solid-colored handbags
  • Solid-colored belts

Where to dress preppy

You can wear whatever you want when you want in my opinion but if you’re unsure where to dress preppy, here are a few places where preppy fashion could be worn.

  • School
  • Country clubs
  • Art museums
  • To work
  • Dinner
  • Out to run errands
  • Brunch

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