When is 7-Eleven’s Bring Your Own Cup Day 2023: Daily Lifestyle News

Get your creative cup ready because “Bring Your Own Cup Day” is approaching.

Convenience shop prepares for popular day.

The day most love or some dread is finally here! Bring Your Own Cup Day at 7-Eleven is this Saturday according to a news release from 7-Eleven.

All you need to know:

What is Bring Your Own Cup Day?

This image was retrieved from a press release from 7-Eleven.

Bring Your Own Day gives 7-Eleven customers a chance to break out the creativity and bring their own cups to fill up their delicious Slurpees.

7-Eleven loves this day because of how outrageous customers get according to 7-Eleven’s director of proprietary beverages Ben Boulden.

“We love seeing customers enjoy our products in fun ways – especially when it comes to our beloved, iconic Slurpee drink,” said 7‑Eleven Director of Proprietary Beverages, Ben Boulden in a news release. “From cowboy boot to fishbowl…the more creative the cup, the better. We can’t wait to see what our customers come up with this year.”

How to prepare for Bring Your Own Cup Day?

The cup has to fit in the 10-inch hole in the in-store display to ensure it also fits under the Slurpee dispenser machines.

It’s also recommended to confirm that the cup is watertight to avoid spilling any Slurpees.

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What day is Bring Your Own Cup Day?

This Saturday, April 29 is Bring Your Own Cup Day, at participating 7-Eleven locations.

How much is Bring Your Own Cup Day?

Slurpees on this day are $1.99.

If you forget your cup at home, small Slurpees are on sale for $1 via the 7NOW app delivery app.

Examples of cups you can bring

  • Mason jars
  • Pitchers
  • Buckets
  • Astronaut hats
  • Pie tins

New flavor announcement

7-Eleven also plans to release a new flavor for customers called, “Fanta Dragon Fruit Zero Sugar”.

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