Thrifting isn’t fun anymore… a short rant by Chan

Thrift shops are losing their focus.

I was thrift shopping before it became trendy back when folks talked about you if you wore second-hand clothing.

I never shared that I went thrift shopping until college. Others around me did so that made it acceptable.

Thrift shopping was a hobby for my grandma, my mom, and aunts. I just tagged along because I loved being out shopping on Saturdays.

It didn’t become my hobby until I realized that this was the key to being unique in fashion. Having that vintage piece, that one of the kind item, it may not be one of the kind but it feels like it because the chances of someone else having it is slim.

Thrift shopping was one of the best things I discovered as a young adult. It saved me money in college but also made me a risk taker in my fashion.

It made me more confident knowing I can actually put an outfit together that had different stories attached to them.

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I had jackets from the 90s, vintage Nike and Reebok. I was a cool, one cool dressing chic.

I loved thrifting. It was everything.

Now… it’s a gimmick.

It ain’t fun no more.

It’s not even the clientele… yes it is..

It’s the whole setup of the thrift now.

It’s WACK.


It’s just not the same.. everything is over priced. The clothing sucks, fast fashion is slowly migrating into the thrift, it’s too many posers and it’s just not it no more.

Don’t get me wrong, thrift shopping is pretty sustainable if you’re into that.

It’s just becoming gimmicky, thrift is no longer for the poor if we’re being honest.

It’s for the middle and working class now. This is all my opinion.

My local thrift shop shirts are staring at $4 now or even $8 pieces of clothing. They are no longer your $1 shirt or $2 turtleneck kind of store. There aren’t really any super “unique” finds.

Plus they now sell items that are in horrible condition, I saw a $5 sweater that was covered in spots. Like really?

It is what it is but I just wish it didn’t fall into the habit of becoming not for the people more for the dollar.

Not all thrift stores are bad, I still support my local Value World locations in Michigan.

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