10 best Christmas movies to watch in 2022

Christmas time is the perfect holiday to snuggle with a blanket and a glass of a hot cocoa for a holiday Christmas movie.

For day two of blogmas I am going to be providing you all with the 10 best Christmas movies to watch this year.

Grab your coziest blanket and your biggest bowl of popcorn because these movies are not to be missed this year.

Home Alone

A timeless classic. By now if you haven’t saw Home Alone, baby you are living under a rock.

Where to watch: Disney + , Apple TV

This Christmas

This is just a classic movie for me. It’s one of those movies that feels warm and I love love watching it with my mom. Family getting together and enjoying one another during the holidays.

Where to watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime

Almost Christmas

It reminds me of a modern day “This Christmas”. It’s another one of those movies that includes your typical family drama during the holiday season when everyone returns home.

Where to watch: Hulu

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Another timeless classic, I can’t get enough of. A Charlie Brown Christmas reminds me of my childhood and always brings a smile to me.

Where to watch: Apple TV

Friday After Next

So according to some this isn’t a Christmas movie but in THIS household. It’s one.

Where to watch: HBO Max Amazon Prime Video

The Santa Claus

It’s a Tim Allen, Christmas movie. Anything with Tim Allen goes.

Where to watch: Disney +

Black Nativity

Not going to lie only watched because Jacob Latimore was in it and I definitely wanted to see him play as Jennifer Hudson’s son. It’s one of those heartfelt Christmas movies with Christmas carols.

Where to watch: HBO Max, Hulu

Good Luck Charlie : It’s Christmas

If you were a Disney fan around when Good Luck Charlie was out… YOU GET ME.

This special had a really wholesome storyline with some spicy drama as well. Make sure you check it out!

Where to watch: Disney Plus , Hulu

Mean Girls

Yes Mean Girls is a Christmas movie. Did you not see the Jingle Bell Rock performance?!

Where to watch: Paramount +, Pluto TV

Home Alone 2

Home Alone is probably my favorite Christmas movie. Of course I would add Home Alone 2, Kevin not only got left but then ended up LOST in NEW YORK. Come on now!

Where to watch: Disney +, Apple TV

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