Saweetie drops new music, Ariana Grande has a new perfume : Weekend Recap

Rapper Cardi B releases new Whip Shots flavor, Ariana Grande teases a new perfume collection with Ulta Beauty, read more to see what you missed over the weekend.

Saweetie is back with a new EP entitled, “The Single Life” for fans while Ariana Grande is returning with a new perfume.


Saweetie releases an EP called, “The Single Life” Plus addresses a few rumors in her latest song, “Don’t Say Nothin”.


Ariana Grande partners with Ulta Beauty for new perfumes called Mod Vanilla and Mod Blush.

Cardi B is releasing a new flavor of Whipshots for the holiday season .


Haus of Sy is releasing a new collection and it’s FIRE.

Kendall Miles is prepping for their Black Friday sale where everything is up 75% off.

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