Motown Thrift in Westland: I found a Ferragamo leather jacket

Visited Motown Thrift in Westland, Michigan came out with a major find.

Thrifting can be a hit or miss. I had one of my best thrift experiences atleast Motown Thrift.

Three words…

Ferragamo leather coat.

Yes, a Ferragamo leather coat with a $9 price tag (after tax).

I remember the day like it was yesterday, just left my local fruit market and wanted to get some thrifting done.

Typed in the closest thrift shop and Motown Thrift popped up, maybe an eight-minute drive.

I arrived at the thrift and went in not knowing I would find my next best thrift.

Read more to find out what I found and saw.

What did I find

Name-brand clothing like Nike, and Levi’s are the main brands you will find at any thrift.

This collection had a lot of vintage brands or brands that no longer exist. Plus a dash of brands we all know. Their name-brand clothes though no matter if they had a stain or a little tear had quite the price tag.

Their store wasn’t overly crowded with rows and rows of T-shirts or jogging pants but they did have rows and rows of clothing pieces.

I didn’t see a lot of pieces that caught my eye or made me go crazy but I definitely feel their coat section was one of the best.

Think about it, I found a Ferragamo leather jacket in crisp shape besides one error. It has a tear on its pocket, which is totally fine because some quick sewing will fix that little tear.

Overall I left with that jacket, a business casual dress, and a small crate with “Snickers” printed on it.


A Liz Claiborne top rests on a clothing rack at Motown Thrift.

If you’re an avid thrifter you would know that after the pandemic, the prices at the thrift went up just like everything else.

The average thrift shirt you find no matter the style may cost you $4 and up now. Sorry, yes I am used to $1 shirts and purses being $3.

Their prices were okay but some clothing items were just not worth that price.

Thrift stores are also seeming to sell EVERYTHING they get no matter the stains, tears, or polka dot holes in the piece as they are still tagging and putting it out there.

This is quite weird and problematic to me because if you are thrifting pieces that are already damaged … you’re just going to have to throw them away in less than five months and now it’s back at the thrift shop or so worn that you have no choice but to toss it.

They do offer your typical half-off sales with select colors on certain days. Seniors are offered 25% off Monday through Friday. Veterans are offered 25% off on Tuesdays.

Average price for clothing items – $3-10


I do shop for shoes when thrifting but at select locations. Purchasing shoes at thrift shops can be hard and not the best idea considering shoes sometimes conform to one’s foot.

Anyway, the shoes at this location were name-brand and some were of okay quality. Nothing wowed me or made me want to buy but once again I am not overly a fan of buying shoes from the thrift.

The handbags were your typical thrift finds, Liz Claiborne, Nine West, and a few random brands you never heard of.

Overall their accessories prices were okay, $4 purses and maybe $6 shoes depending on style.

I have seen some unique pieces but they were damaged. Not in an unsellable way but in an “I don’t want to deal with this drama with trying to fix it”. I put those finds back.

Overall rating

I give this thrift a 7/10 because I found a Ferragamo jacket. That’s only the second luxury designer piece I have found while thrifting. I have found your Kate Spades, Michael Kors, and the typical Coach bags but to find actual luxury designers at the thrift … in Michigan for the low? That’s major.

Motown Thrift is located at 8050 Middlebelt Road, Westland, MI.

Hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m.

This location also accepts donations at its donation center which is located on the side of the building.

Seeking more information about thrifting? Make sure to check out my blog post on how to thrift.

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